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It has been quite a journey and an education these past 10 years.

After moving from Pennsylvania, we found numerous dogs along the roadside scrounging for food. Everyone knows that one person or one family cannot save all the discarded animals .......BUT..... every person and every family can save one! It is our job as the human race with cognitive thinking to care for all of God's creatures. We are the only animals that have a thinking processes to decide to do what is right or wrong. Our four-legged friends have an innate instinct, and respond to whatever stimulus they encounter. Hence, the reason they flee when confronted by anything that may harm them.

Hubby and I, with a network of friends, have been blessed to place over 350 dogs in furever homes. We have attempted to place all the homeless pets that have crossed our paths ... whether it was roadside Rocky and Scooby or surrendered Black Jack. But there have also been tragedies ... litters with Parvo that died in my arms; young pups that contracted Giardia (a virus people can contract) that died in my arms also. Then there are the triumphs ... like BLT. No, not bacon, letttuce and tomato but Black Lab Truman. A handsome black pedigree Labrador Retriever with grand-mal seizures who now lives the life of luxury in his loving furever home with Larry. A special thanks to all of the parents who have adopted our "kidz".

Our journey of housing and relocating strays has ended. Due to health problems with both myself and hubby, we are physically unable to care for the homeless at our home. We will still be active in some way with rescuing these darlings that have brought us so much joy, laughter and tears. We are still asking for volunteers and donations throughout this last year, 2013, of business. We also need to place the remaining adults listed below. Volunteers to do socializing, play, walk, etc. Donations of towels, blankets, dog food, etc. Volunteers and donators can reach me from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. on my cell 803-627-3049.

We have always been a sanctuary for the homeless dogs discarded like a Wendy's bag along the road. These are the adults that must be placed in forever homes or go to another rescue by years end. All of these pets are current on vaccinations, altered, they will have health history records to take to their new veterinarian. They will also have their stainless bowls, collar, leashes and beds to go. Jody, Sandy & Oma (bonded pair), and Nat.





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Should you have an interest in any of our "kidz," you can e-mail an application or hard copy the application and send it via USPS with your deposit of $75.00. The full adoption fee is $150.00, hence, the balance of $75.00 would be due upon acceptance and delivery of your new family member.

As previously stated, our home is the "shelter" or "rescue" site, so please be respectful of our neighbors. Call for an appointment at 803-627-3049 to schedule a visit.

All of our pets are up-to-date on their vaccines, spayed/neutered, and are on heartworm preventative.

A stray led us to this segment of our lives ... or was it an angel?
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Currently each dog is $150.00
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or e-mail animalsrangels@ymail.com

Send completed applications to animalsrangels@ymail.com or:

Animal Angels
P.O. Box 943
York, SC 29745

Special Thanks

While giving "THANKS," I would like to mention the following:

  • Dr. Page Dyer, previous owner and operator of Crossroads Animal Clinic, Lowrys Hwy, Chester, SC
  • Drs. Katy and Derrick Phillips who purchased Lowry's Clinic from Dr. Page in April 2010, and have made Lowrys Animal Hospital a wonderful experience for all our pets
  • Affordable Fencing, Chester, SC
  • Noah's Animal Lifeline for their support through the years ... thanks Sandra and Carol Ann
  • Second Chance Farm for Jack Russell Terriers in Chester, SC ... love ya Deb and Mikey
  • and last but not least, our web-mistress Maegan Evans of NC, without her none of this information would get to the world and help find the wonderful homes that are on the adoption pages.
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